Creating Meaning:

Creating Meaning: The language of marketing and design are shifting every day. Some are calling it the age of disruption, while others are calling it the convergent era. Some think it is the end of symbols and the era of words. Words like integrated and connectivity are in every sentence. But regardless of how we label the time or define the era, one thing cuts through all the noise and lives in any medium. Meaning. Brands that create meaning to a consumer are the ones that create sustainable relationships. Meaning is what inspires us. Meaning transforms an object into a memory and a word into a story. Design is a powerful tool that should always be responding to culture and live in harmony with the lives of people. But more that, design helps create meaning in the world. Not just slicker interfaces, or delightful objects, but more meaningful ideas and memories. I strive to use design to help companies create meaning in all aspects of their brand. Meaning can be created in many ways. From creating and launching new inspiring brands in the marketplace, to clarifying and focusing brands that have lost their way, meaning is what allows people to understand, immerse, and connect. From naming, to identity, to retail, to full communication, design inspires and shapes the way we see the world.